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Players take turns exploring the dark realm of Obsidia by placing terrain tiles to create a dynamic and treacherous landscape. They'll send travelers from their home colonies out to found new towns, battling any enemy players or creatures in their path. Players will also cast spells unique to their colony class in order to gain the advantage. When all of Obsidia’s terrain has been discovered, the class controlling the most towns wins the game.


Hot off the design table of Julia Speller, we now have custom shapes for our pieces to replace meeples and tokens!


If backers are loving the game, we'll move forward with the expansion we've already kinda sorta been working on. We're testing things like new colony classes, new terrain tile types, and ways to minimize RNG. Backers of the expansion will also have the option to pledge for custom sculpted miniatures which would replace all wooden meeples in the base game. 



Before the game begins, take turns placing terrain tiles to form the initial Obsidia world map. Place your home colony tile which serves as your starting point.


Cycle through the five phases to complete your turn. Keep in mind, enemy players may also be able to cast spells during this time.


Draw and place a new terrain tile from your personal stack. Cast any tile phase spells in your hand.


Train a traveler on your home colony tile. Cast any training phase spells in your hand, which may include summoned creatures.


Move your traveler(s) one space along the depicted pathways. Recruit new travelers to the board by capturing towns. Cast any movement phase spells in your hand.


Use dice and/or spell cards to resolve all pending battles involving your travelers, as well as any creatures you've summoned.


Play any spell phase cards in your hand. Discard up to one unused spell, and draw new spell cards from your deck to replenish your hand.


Win the game by occupying the most towns once all terrain tiles have been placed. If there is a tie, the game will continue with all players in sudden death.


Here's a more in-depth video from The Dice Tower, which we highly recommend watching before you sit down to play the game. 



We're opening up the latest version of the rulebook for anyone who wants to do a deep dive before pledging. These rules are subject to change based on any additional playtesting that happens between now and final graphic design. We're 100% open to feedback from the community!


Already have Tabletop Simulator on Steam? Play our free Obsidia workshop mod! Tabletop Simulator is a purchasable, easy-to-learn platform where you can play thousands of games online. We've logged 400+ hours playtesting Obsidia on TTS. Click the link below and subscribe to the mod to gain access. Download the rulebook or watch the Dice Tower rules video and you'll be ready to join public Obsidia tables, or host your own!


We now have options available for anyone who wants to print out and assemble their own copy of the game for free:

  • Gutterfold full-color layout:  Download 
  • Gutterfold low-ink layout:  Download 
  • 9-up/gutterfold hybrid full-color layout:  Download 
  • 9-up/gutterfold hybrid low-ink layout:  Download 
  • Compressed files (use this link if you're having trouble downloading or displaying all pages):   Download 



Many tabletop games out there today become considerably less fun when scaled down to two players. Obsidia was designed in a way whereby removing or adding players only changes the overall playtime, and doesn't detract from the mechanics of the game. In fact, the majority of Obsidia playtesting has been between two players because the games are quick! Two-player games are also great for competitive or tournament play because they act as a true measure of a player's skill against another, eliminating potential "teaming-up" which may occur during free-for-all games.



Vanquish The Undead Enemy Horde in the post-war aftermath of Obsidia!

Single player games are now possible using the available components! We've done preliminary playtesting, but we're also encouraging our TTS and PnP players to let us know about any bugs so we can finalize before printing.  Check the rulebook for more details!


Some early playtesting has been done for 2v2 team games, and 5+ player games (by combining two copies of Obsidia). These game modes seem very viable with some minor adjustments, and are a lot of fun. If everything works, we'll update the rulebook in the manufacturing pre-production stage.

Obsidia is an ancient banishment realm; an eternal prison created to hold wicked beings cast out of their native worlds. Many creatures scavenge and dwell in the rundown towns, murky waters, and dark hillsides, but the realm's four largest colonies have come to stand out above the rest -- humble empires like embedded gemstones in Obsidia's rocky expanse. Each colony has its own designs and desires for control, and each practices and cultivates a unique style of ancient magic. Learned spells are used to influence others, improve weapons, alter traveling speeds, and call upon deadly beasts. For thousands of years there had been relative peace and order in the realm, but once the daylight stopped coming, and available land became scarce, war and death became inevitable. The best way for any one colony to ensure the prosperity of its kind is to expand and settle into Obsidia’s unaffiliated towns in order to recruit new members. With the unforgiving landscape and permanent night of the realm, these four colony classes must find a way to survive and conquer, or else risk extinction at the hands of their merciless enemies.


Obsidia's landscape is a treacherous and chaotic mess of different terrain types. Knowing how to use the land and its various unique properties will go a long way in keeping your travelers alive.


Players will control one of four different colony classes, each with its own unique spell deck and playing style. No spell card is repeated, not even within its own deck. The asymmetrical spell-casting mechanic is what makes Obsidia truly fun, standing out above all over tile placement and area control games!

The Death Legion are said to be the most ancient beings in existence. They were born at the creation of time and have the ability to wield and manipulate its properties to serve their needs. They have a calm and seemingly emotionless demeanor, but specialize in the ability to bring swift and painless death to any who threaten their idea of natural order. Long ago, in an attempt to restore balance to their failing world caused by overconsumption, the Death Legion High Council voted to reverse time. The plan was to take their world back a few centuries while maintaining the current population. The risky spell attempt failed and resulted in a time rift, as well as a mass entity duplication. Simply put, they inadvertently created a parallel copy of themselves. The doppelgängers’ very existence posed an even greater threat to the homeworld of the originals, so left with very few options, a new vote was passed to banish these "abominations of nature" to the prison realm of Obsidia. Now, as death creeps over the dark land, the doppelgänger legion (believing they are in fact the true originals) strengthens and grows. If they can control the realm and harness the power of enough dead souls, they may be able to reverse time far enough to escape their banishment and destroy the ones who sent them to Obsidia.

The Light Keepers are beings of a higher consciousness, tasked with the preservation and stewardship of Obsidia. For a hundred years at a time, groups of young Light Keepers oversee and control the realm -- an unpleasant job, but a necessary and honorable one. This system had run smoothly for centuries, but we all know even the lightest souls can fall prey to darkness. A particular cohort of young Light Keepers, intoxicated with power and fueled by arrogance, began to exercise unnecessary control over parts of the realm. They started limiting daylight as an oppressive tool, hoping to rule their subordinates with an iron fist. In doing so they created resentment within the realm, and inadvertently galvanized Obsidia to civil war. Displeased with these failures, the elder Light Keepers served a harsh but appropriate sentence. The young ones were stripped of their stewardship powers and banished to stay in Obsidia for as long as the war rages, imprisoned alongside those whom they sought to oppress. Now, the young and desperate Light Keepers toil to remedy their mistake by attempting to mitigate the war. They have implemented a permanent darkness in order to focus the power of available light into themselves, which has strengthened their abilities, and energized the underground crystal colony cave where they reside. If they can just regain control and restore the realm to peace, they will earn their freedom.

The Warlords were humans. Originally a military unit assembled by Earth’s most powerful nations, they were given the objective of exploring a mysterious portal that opened up on a remote island off the coast of South America. The unit entered the  strange shimmering light and were never seen again on Earth. The Death Legion beings who caused the time rift were eventually able to close it, but did not know what to make of these strange semi-intelligent animals who appeared suddenly on their world’s doorstep. The humans were soon judged and sent to the Obsidia prison realm. Thrust into the unknown for a second time, they were forced to fight for their lives in a strange and dangerous world. Calling upon their military training and instincts, they were able to thrive and grow stronger. They began cultivating and trading goods, as well as acquiring spell books from the local townspeople. Learning some of the more basic spells helped even the playing field and allowed the humans to advance, eventually building their own isolated fortress -- an impressive stone castle nestled in the fire mountains of Obsidia’s western region. The permanent darkness and harsh living conditions of the realm over many years turned the humans into bloodthirsty killing machines that no longer resembled the people they left back on Earth. Now, the present generation of Warlords has long since forgotten the stories and myths of their old earthly home. Their current objective is simply to dominate and control Obsidia, the only home they know.

The Veiled Occult are the religious extremists of the Obsidia prison realm. For centuries, every generation in this class has chosen to devote itself to learning the spells and rituals necessary to appease the ancient gods. They are not complex thinkers, but their strength lies in the fearlessness to give their lives for a cause, and in the absolute mastery of their craft. No other class in Obsidia has been able to achieve the Veiled Occult’s level of mind control and sorcery. Their home colony is a desert temple in the eastern region of Obsidia, which is rumored to have been built on top of a mystical portal. The first Veiled Occult members to settle in Obsidia were originally transported by a powerful ritual incantation. It is said that they traveled to the prison realm voluntarily in order to atone for their shortcomings in the eyes of the gods. The Occult leader of that time took it upon himself to destroy the only spell book which could allow a return trip. The blood-bound text was thrown into an endless void and never seen again. The current generation of Occult Members in Obsidia have come to view their ancestors' sins as their own, and choose to carry the burden for themselves. The Veiled Occult’s mission is not to attempt a return home, but to honor the ancient gods and ancestors. They strive to convert as many Obsidia townspeople to their belief system as possible; a permanent missionary trip where the only mark of success is total conversion -- by word or by magic or by blood.



Each class has the ability to summon creatures with spell cards. Creatures have limitations on where they may be summoned, and cannot move or be controlled by any player. They are also typically hostile toward everything, including their own summoning class.


We got a lot of feedback from playtesters who said they'd like to see miniatures instead of meeples and tokens. While we agree that minis would add a lot to the overall aesthetic (and could even inflate pledge totals, making this campaign more successful) we really wanted to keep costs down for our first printing. We wanted to make Obsidia affordable for more gamers, and let the gameplay speak for itself first and foremost. 

Along with the expansion, we will announce a "deluxe" Obsidia reprint which would feature custom sculpted miniatures to replace meeples. The plan is to make this available as a purchasable upgrade for backers who've already received copies of the base game and want a more immersive experience.


The Obsidia creators and playtesters have logged 400+ hours of gameplay in Steam's Tabletop Simulator. There have also been countless spell card revisions over the last three years while developing this game. We feel very confident that the unique spell decks are balanced and fair for each class.


Players who are very familiar with the standard balanced spell decks may wish to play with custom decks instead. In a card drafting game, players will privately choose 3 spells from their native class’ deck, and then pass the remaining 17 cards to the next player in clockwise order. Players will privately choose an additional spell from the new cards they’ve been handed, then continue passing cards and selecting new spells until all players have a custom deck of 20 spell cards. There can be many variations on this rule if players wish to get creative, and possibilities become even more interesting when combining decks from multiple copies of the game.





Available Rewards:

$40USD + Shipping

OBSIDIA | 1 copy

One copy of the full game.


  • Obsidia (full game)
  • All completed stretch goals
  • Digital copies of original game art
$76USD + Shipping

OBSIDIA | 2 copies

Two copies of the full game, at a discount.

Shipping costs will be charged in the pledge manager after the campaign ends. See the shipping section for more details.


  • 2 x Obsidia (full game)
  • All completed stretch goals
  • Digital copies of original game art

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